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California adoptee, a hedonist at heart, Marion transplanted her french roots to combine her psychology foundation with her passion for healthy beauty and wellness.

She created a multi-dimensional refuge in SoMa to offer wholesome one-on-one sensorial therapies, rejuvenating both the somatic and spiritual bodies:


Skin Therapies

Self care rituals

Craniosacral therapy

Myofascial release

Intuitive consultation

Trigger point tension release

Zen shiatsu acupressure, Yoga & Thai stretches



Tarot reading





“I’ve got you under my skin.”
-Frank Sinatra

Marion conscientiously tailors your facial course with a selection of targeted treatments, in order to meet your individual goals in the given moment. Your session will feature equally cosmeceutical remedies and botanical therapies to address your aspiration.

Whether you are coming for a thorough, heavy duty seasonal cleansing combined with lavish treats, or a swift, concentrated pick-me-up maintenance skin treatment, Marion delivers substantial skincare with 20+ years of expertise and savoir-faire.

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“Let us cultivate our garden.”

Marion considers depilatory procedures as a form of landscaping, grooming the wild jungle into a Zen garden… While keeping your mind off ‘it’ with her natural disposition to distract you.

Her depilatory sessions feature the most effective yet gentle, non-irritating hair removal techniques, using an aromatherapeutic Italian creamy wax, and the original French strip-less wax, leaving the skin silky smooth with no wax residue. The result: a thorough, tidy and practically pain-free grooming experience.


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“Le soleil des mains mobilise la chair muette.”
-Andrée Chedid

Grounding massage & bodywork, integrating Eastern and Western modalities, with hands-on techniques and intuitive energy work. Each session is tailored to address your whole self, body & mind.

Engaging your centering through deeper breathing, supporting psychosomatic awareness, listening to the heartbeat and other subtle expressions of the body, while applying extensive professional experience to reach a profound, wholesome release.

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352 6th Street, San Francisco 94103
(844) 436-7662 |

A one-on-one privileged rendez-vous with Marion is an invitation to surrender to mothering hands, to embrace a touching moment of serendipity, while you are feasting horizontally on decadent and potent skincare blends, and handcrafted aromatherapeutic body balms. Plénitude is Marion’s raison d’être, when it comes to servicing You. As an artisan of the body & soul, Marion creates refined treatments to restore this sense of fulfillment, enfolding your being to receive efficient & nurturing care. You’ll leave refreshed inside-and-out. The glowing results radiate from within. Let’s make the world a better place: be environmental, love yourself.