A Coloring Book Celebrating Diversity
Vajayjay is a whimsical coloring book as an art project to celebrate the diverse representations of the female sex. An illustrative hymn in honor of the origin of life cycle, birthing, pleasure, wonders...

Various artists participated in the making of this playful coloring book, extending the imaginary realm of this sensitive subject beyond the anatomical, sterile picture, surpassing taboos and complexes, transcending vulgarity.

This is an invitation to express your personal touch: your hues. Your brush stroke. Your unique addition.

Getting down and coloring inside and outside the lines of unique illustrations is a form of meditation. Remember, as a child, how blissful it felt to get lost in the eternal moment of right now while coloring? This practice improves centering yourself, invasive thoughts dissolve, as it brings your attention to the present moment, increases your concentration: your brain releases stress and opens up your creative side. 

20 different vaginas to color
8.5" x 11"