This California je-ne-sais-quoi that inspires Parisian beauty trends.


BE "I see my guests on a monthly basis. They book up to 3 hours per session, with a wholesome series of brazilian bikini, tailored facial, and massage" explains Marion, proprietress of Ensoma skincare & massage practice in San Francisco.


SF STATION - "At press time, dozens of stress-addled clients are guilty for keeping Marion a well-kept secret from spa-sters on the hunt for great brows and a little R&R, but the word is quickly trickling out."

EXAMINER - "We were treated to a facial and fell under her spell!" - "Her zen, organic approach to beauty: A one-on-one privileged rendez-vous at Ensoma has taken San Francisco by storm."


ALLURE - "[one of the] quickest (and kindest) waxers from coast to coast."

Citysearch - Best of Citysearch 2011 Winner - San Francisco, CA Hair Removal