Zenaida Sengo: art opening

Please join us to the art opening evening for ma dam'oiselle Zenaida Sengo on Wednesday, October 20th 7:00PM, in the beauty~living~room of Ensoma. View the largest pieces of a new series by Zenaida, created specifically for the room of wonders, loft space of Ensoma, run by aesthetician and bonne amie Marion Pernoux.

Marion and Zenaida worked together to create a show at Ensoma that utilizes the capacity of the large open space, exemplifies the artist's visions of connecting humans more intimately to the natural world , and creates an environment for clients to feel relaxed and enveloped by.

As Ensoma operates by appointment only, please attend the opening reception Wednesday evening and sip sparkling wine and snack from the artist's visual food installation. Eye candies treats all evening long.

Or, schedule an appointment for private viewing while getting an eye-opener brow waxing.