Yoga with Caroline

As a new yogini on her way to a metamorphosis (you just watch) I am so excited to welcome Caroline Wachsmuth within the versatile Ensoma practice as a resident yoga instructor.
Caroline's grounding spirit and energizing disposition resonated instantly when I experienced her yoga sessions. This is a dream come true to integrate her deeply engaging talents as a yoga teacher with my bodywork & skincare practice: she brings you to an ever-expanding way of being. Think "mindful stretching of the body & soul", inside-and-out. Impactful.

To ensure close attention to your postures and to preserve the quality of your bodywork, the loft space will host private to semi-private type of sessions. We want you to feel special.

Donation based: sliding scale starting at $ 25.00 . With the purchase of your first 3 private or semi-private yoga classes, you will receive a $ 25.00 gift certificate towards any Ensoma service: massage therapy, skin care treatments, hair removal.

Classes can be booked on Tuesdays at Ensoma, and anytime at your  home accordingly to Caroline`s schedule : please contact

Caroline  carolynecw@gmailcom (415) 728 41 52

Marion (415) 867 6002


Ladies & gentlemen: let me introduce You to Caroline Wachsmuth!

Caroline Wachsmuth first discovery of yoga happened when she was living in South Africa in 1998. A friend asked her if she was willing to share a private yoga session with her. That was the first step towards a real life transformation and getting to know her truth. At that time, she was training to become a massage therapist and aromatherapist. She started to combine these activities and yoga to her daily life.

When she moved to Paris in 2001, she started to study Ashtanga Yoga at Caroline Boulinguez Studio, the pioneer of Ashtanga Yoga in France. She then studied with Charles Bensusen for 6 years and deepened her Ashtanga practice.

Starting to teach to friends, she realized how much they enjoyed it. She decided to dedicate her life to wellness and helping others to find their inner strenght through the art of yoga. As a former ballet dancer, she brings grace and love to her practice, focusing on her students individual needs, using healing adjustments and healthy touch.

She believes everyone can find his or her own truth and inner power through a personal yoga practice. This journey is the most precious one we can give to ourselves. Your personal yoga practice will then become your lifetime companion to which you can always go to find all the answers. This is what she offers to guide everyone through.

Caroline now lives in San Francisco, where she practices every day at Yoga Garden, under the guidance of her teacher Russell Case.