Summer Schedule // Abhyanga Pop Up

Please plan your next session ahead, as I will be away from the lavish balms, aromatherapy potions & melting waxes for a little while...

The practice will be closed July 23 to August 6

to reopen on TUESDAY AUGUST 7.

Meanwhile, Ensoma will host another Abhyanga Pop Up event: more details to come. Stay tuned! Be sure to save a spot for this one-of-a-lifetime experience.


Please note, in order to preserve Ensoma unique one-on-one quality sessions, due to the rising costs of business expenses and supplies, I have to pass along a slight increase in my service prices.

* services scheduled throughout 08/07/18 & previously purchased series will be honored at the antecedent rates.

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Looking forward, onward and upward, to fulfill your individual expectations!