Pranassage & Yoga with Miki Sato

Miki Sato will be introducing her healing arts this weekend at Ensoma* Friday 04/15 9:00am-6:00pm

Saturday 04/16 9:00am-6:00pm

Sunday 04/17 12:00pm-6:00pm


Whether you are a first-timer or are experienced in your yoga practice, Pranassage is beneficial for anyone who would like to receive the effects of yoga while in a state of deep relaxation. Pranassage is yoga inspired body-work in which I will move you into various positions, and apply body-weight and pressure to parts of your body to help you move deeper into the pose.  Your role is to close your eyes, breathe and relax, and simply be a witness to the sensations that arise as you receive the effects of gravity and massage. Pranassage helps you to connect to your prana (energetic) body, stimulates body-mind awareness, opens up the flow of blocked energy, and realigns your body, leaving you feeling relaxed, blissful and rejuvenated.

For a most comfortable experience, I recommend not to eat a couple hours before a Pranassage session, and to wear loose or stretchy clothing (eg. long yoga pants and T-shirt) in which you can easily be moved around.


Private (and semi-private) sessions tailored to your needs


*By appointment only

To reserve a private session of Pranassage or Yoga with Miki at Ensoma, please contact her dirtectly:


phone (253) 219-4419

Fees 1 hour for $65.00 ~ 1.5 hour for $85.00