Pomega5 at Ensoma

I have been in search of the dreamed line of formulas to represent my integrity when it comes to providing skin care treatments: the brands I found appealing were either based on organic aromatherapy, or clinical blends. this is the first time a line meets both excellence in ingredients source, and cutting edge formulations.

"Each product contains a powerful balance of basic elements descending from five families: Essential Fatty Acids, Botanical Extracts, Essential Oils, Hydrosols & Distillates, and Minerals, Micronutrients & Colloidals. Extracted from leaves, twigs, petals, and seeds - carefully selected for compatibility with skin, as well as with each other [...]"

"Endorsed by dermatologists, Pomega 5 is the only skin care line to harness the proven efficacy of Omega 5 technology to deliver visible results."

Come experience Ensoma skin care with these phenomenal Pomega 5 treatments.

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