Natural Born Healer: Lydia Akhzar, L.Ac.

Lydia Akhzar, L.Ac. Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine

513 Valencia St. San Francisco, CA 94110 (415) 299-1426

Lydia Akhzar is a passionate healer, by nature.

I recently experienced a psychosomatic trauma, and the ordeal of related symptoms emerged: insomnia, muscles tension, build up of toxicity within the digestive system, mental and physical exhaustion, and then some.

As a mother and massage therapist, I am inherently receptive to people`s energy and disposition, and being in Lydia's presence was already a relief. Her intention resides essentially in healing you, and you sense it right away. Her approach is whole and integrates every aspect of a person.

She tailored a specific treatment, called the "External Dragon". Promising? Epic, actually. Lydia was knowledgeable, explained the process, "needled me" very gently, adjusted each needle to tune me, and within minutes, my entire body and mind were in a state of divine plenitude. Drifting away. These precious 25 minutes of horizontality felt like eternity. I believe I reached such a level of internal tranquillity and relaxation, that space and time dissolved for a moment. Although, that, was just the session itself.

The results and post treatement benefits: this one initial session was worth several nights of profound rest, and beyond, as I restored inside and out. It was 2 days ago, and I have been sleeping like a baby (well, like that dreamed perfect child that sleeps peacefully through the night...). The internal muscular tension decreased, and I am more in touch with myself. Physiologically speaking, everything is working smoothly again.

Her office is a zen, luminous and cosy nest located in the Mission, the kind of secret gem that only locals would know about. Gorgeous decoration added to the pleasant experience for me.

Evidently it is just the beginning of a healing path, and I am already looking forward to these 25 minutes of heaven next week. I am thrilled to have found Lydia, and wanted to spread the word as a fervent and grateful patient, to everyone of You.

Thank You for following your aspiration, Lydia: your healing art is priceless to us all.