Meilleurs voeux pour 2012

Dear all,

Thank you for supporting this singular practice of mine, throughout 2011,

This past year was transcendental for Ensoma, and at a personal level, interacting and sharing with each and every one of You, I was moved to be able to expand further my own empirical humanity!

Now, let me claim my new title: Queen of the Sticky Affairs, a.k.a., Best Of Citysearch 2011 Hair Removal Business proprietress. Seriously, you seem to enjoy it. Especially from discovering some exhilarating Yelp reviews. Ahh, I am getting such a lovely ego boost {blushing} from this buzz. Thank you.

Note: the practice will be closed January 19th through January 31st, to reopen on February 1st 2012. (I will be resourcing, practicing the art of living à la française...)

While anticipating Valentine`s Day, please consider booking in advance. Gift Certificates can be  purchased in person (book online a gift certificate pick-up), or by mail.

Whenever the schedule appears unavailable for your preferred dates & times, please sign-up directly on the Waiting List, as I consistently consult it, and I may be able to accommodate you.

Happy New Year!

Bien à vous,

-Your Marion.