Lilian Madden, Esthetician "Landscaper" & Juicer at Ensoma

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Lili, a native darling of the Bay Area, initiated her eclectic career as a makeup artist and beauty advisor, she then devoted her inherent confidence to excel at hair removal, hence her eloquent nickname, "Queen of the Wax". As a skin expert, Lili's inquisitive mind caters to the most meticulous selection of treatments. The culinary passion she inherited from her father now becomes a purpose to deliver inside-and-out beauty rituals, with some of the most inspired juicing recipes. Top it with her natural effervescent disposition: santé!

Marion and Lili's encounter in 2007 while working together at a prestigious spa, set the tone to a common vision: impeccable skills and a nurturing presence lead to a soulful practice. We now have the pleasure to work together, and manifest savoir-faire and savoir-être at Ensoma!

Lili is available  Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays & Sundays.