Juna World: CBD elixirs to access your Higher Self.

Juna is a cannabis and hemp collection crafted in California with a farm-to-table philosophy to optimize pleasure — physically, spiritually, and gastronomically.


Discover one of the 4 elixirs by Juna World: ‘NUDE’

Clear, connected, balanced

    • CBD drops, non-psychoactive

    • 5mg per dose/1ml dropper

    • Designed for daily consumption

Experience: Antioxidant-rich CBD interacts with internal receptors, releasing bodily stresses while engaging the mind. Lifts the spirit, focuses thoughts, and promotes emotional well-being. Will not cause inebriation or inhibit functioning, so you can feel confident in going about your routine.

How to use: Drop under the tongue for faster onset, or add to the beverage or food of your choice. Please allow approximately 60 minutes for full effect.

Flower Origin: Mendocino 
Vintage: 2017
Ingredients: Certified organic MCT coconut oil, full spectrum CBD extract.

no chemicals | no herbicides | no gluten | no sugar | non-GMO

Net weight: 1oz / 30ml 
30 doses
150mg CBD per bottle