Exfoliate the superficial. Faire peau neuve.

Introducing a fundamental skin care ritual at Ensoma this Winter:

Full body polishing.

Time to shed your skin, let go of the layers of accumulated debris, epidermal dead cells, and alike superficial junk. The body is gently scrubbed with natural salts, and a pure blend of aromatherapy -highly concentrated with skin nourishing ingredients and powerful anti-aging antioxidants and vitamins, organic rosehip and apricot oils-, to exfoliate rough and dry skin, to eliminate ingrown hair follicles, and to even out and retexture the skin tone.

This invigorating treatment stimulates the lymphatic and circulatory system, and is completed with the massage of a silky smooth warm body butter into your skin to leave it satin soft. Pair it with either your hair removal services for optimal waxing benefits { select the existing packages }, or with your seasonal massage session to embrace a full ritualistic experience { as an add-on }.

Then slip into your loose, second-skin soft favorite apparels: you will want your delicate baby smooth skin to only flirt against those pleasurable textiles. Practice self-care. Indulge in rituals. Embody your self!


full body polish $ 80.00

full legs polish $ 45.00

back / chest+abdomen $ 45.00


In warm light, wishing everyone a somewhat introspective hibernating season, in the midst of the ecstatic festivities, save some sacred time to stay in touch with your self.

Bien à vous, tous.

-Marion. Who's after your skin.