Ensoma at Mint Studios Pilates Open House!

Mint Studios is an immaculate Pilates practice established in SoMa, just around the corner from Ensoma, and ran by the lovely Elaine Hayes. As proud proprietresses, Elaine and I thrive to provide personal, unique experiences in our industry. When I started Pilates at Mint Studios with Elaine, I immediately felt in my natural element, for we share the same attitude-free, yet high end professionalism, in a vibrant environment. Within one hour of personal one-on-one machine class, I get so much out of this extremely tailored, precisely guided training.

In a few words: lovely sense of presence, sharp and engaging mind, challenging your body to its limits, mindfully. I'm a fervent fan.

Come discover the world of Mint Studios, enjoy a special introductory, and join me! Enjoy complimentary offerings by Ensoma: brow waxing, lip waxing, and shoulders, neck, scalp massage.


Mint Open House Flyer