Sebastian Plano, Saturday August 18th

In support of his kickstarter campaign, a multi-instrumentalist & composer Sebastian Plano will be presenting you an hour live performance, including new songs for his two upcoming albums. 

FREE Event

Venue: Ensoma 352 6th St, SF Door 7:30PM | Starts 8PM Live Visuals performed by Aoi Yamaguchi 

Make a pledge & donation at the concert if music inspires you. Wine and refreshments will be served.


* Your support will help Sebastian Plano release two upcoming albums:

"Novel" Collaboration with cellist Jeffrey Zeigler from world renown Kronos Quartet. Release date: Nov. 2012

"Impetus (solo)" Sound Engineering by Nils Frahm in Berlin. Release date: Mar. 2013

Link to the campaign:


About Sebastian Plano: Born in a musical family in Argentina, Sebastian Plano is a classically-trained contemporary music composer / multi-instrumentalist. Exploring his strong roots in folk music, Tango, and enchanted by the resonance of electronic music, he began to interpret his imagination into own sounds at the age of 12.

Besides his main instrument, cello, Plano skillfully meshes the sounds of the piano, bandoneon, percussion, and his vocal, and creates entirely new soundscapes. Its passionate yet graceful melody paints a cinematic landscape of the world unseen - allures you to be lost in the pleasant waves of divine sounds, and leaves you sway within a dream filled with reminiscent moments.

Reviewed as one of the strongest contemporary classical albums of the year, Plano's debut album "The Arrhythmical Part of Hearts" has gained international acclaim placing him as one of the pioneers in looking for new sonorous combining classical and electronic elements. He says: "I am looking for innovation; variations and mixture of genres, the combination of known sonorities making the new scope within a composition." Plano is currently working on an EP in collaboration with Jeffrey Zeigler from Kronos Quartet, and his second album "Impetus" is scheduled to be released in early 2013.

(About Aoi Yamaguchi: Born and raised in Hokkaido, Japan in 1984, Aoi Yamaguchi has been trained to master the basics of calligraphy by learning under the Master Zuiho Sato since at the age of 6, while refining her knowledge and skills.  She is a recipient of numerous awards including the First Place prize from the Minister of Education at 44th Asahi Calligraphy Nationwide School Exhibit, Superior First Place at 33rd National Students Calligraphy Exhibition and others that are known as the supreme prizes at competitive public exhibitions.  As a noteworthy event, she was nominated to participate in the group, 4th Hokkaido Elementary and Junior High Students Visit to China in 2000, representing the country of Japan and participated in calligraphy exchange sessions at Palace of Pupils of China. Her works show her exploration in juxtaposing the traditional Eastern classics and her contemporary artistic expressions, as well as her unique ambition of transforming two-dimensional art of Japanese Calligraphy into the art of physical expression through performances. Currently living in San Francisco, she has been working on her unique calligraphy installation, exhibition, live performances, custom logo designs and art works internationally, as she pursues her career to preserve traditional arts with music in the modern world.) Please join us for this special night to experience the world of Sebastian Plano.