{cocoa} gems

Cocoa Absolute

As a French aesthetician & business owner, I take pride in treating my guests to a whole empirical and flavorful experience, that includes freshly crafted ingredients, which potentially have a profound impact ~inside and out~ on the body & mind.

At last! We now integrate the notion that nutrition and state of mind also influence general health, revealing through the skin...

I have the exhilarating privilege to introduce my guests to the treasured {cocoa} collections of exquisite chocolates, crafted by the glamorous artisan Jewel Zimmer.

Consider that {cocoa} chocolate represents a key-ingredient in my skincare treatments, for it is loaded with potent antioxidants, and *zero* superficial additive. The positive side effects: you will feel instantly chocolate-high.

To please everybody`s preference, and just to tease you for now until your next rendez-vous, I personally savored a sample of each of Jewel Zimmer`s gems: Bergamot, Brulée, Cinnamon, Gold, Honey, Natural, Rose. These seven glorious notes inspire the art of fine alchemy.

Each {cocoa} collection finds a "raison d`etre" once a thin delicate square of chocolate awakes your taste buds to genuine flavors. Feast on your life. Treat yourself to pure and high end ingredients!

I had the opportunity to meet the chocolatiere behind these gems: Jewel Zimmer is an inspiration, a fervent passionate artisan, who pours true intention & perfectionism into every gram of {cocoa}.

I just melt.


Contact: Jewel Zimmer, Curator-Artisan


Bespoke. Pure. Conscious.

Collection absolute

Collection absolute holds 16 perfectly tempered paves, thin squares delicate in size and

precise in shape with a signature bespoke pattern complementing their smooth surface.

Our signature concentrated cocoa extract, rich in botanical properties, makes {cocoa}’s

premier collection - Collection absolute - the most complete, pure chocolate available in the

market today. All of {cocoa}’s chocolate paves are made using, rare, pure origin vintages

and unique blends that lend coveted characteristics for individuality and refinement. We

enhance the chocolate with delicate infusions, textures and botanicals to define the complex

yet subtle characteristics that are already present. Collection absolute is intensified by our

signature cocoa extract, adding naturally occurring nutritive, physiological and antioxidant

properties found within the cocoa bean, which can often be compromised during the

manufacturing process.

Natural 70% Our signature blend of 2 pure origin dark chocolates has captured our pursuit for perfection. Its rich, creamy satisfying nature has hints of red plum, cherry and delicate floral tones.

Dark chocolate + cocoa extract

Cinnamon 70% The natural characteristics of crème caramel, dried fruit and sherry in this dark chocolate from Madagascar lend itself perfectly to the warm essence of Indonesian cinnamon.

Dark chocolate + cocoa extract + cinnamon

Bergamot 68% This dark chocolate, wild harvested in Bolivia with notes of grapefruit, prune and vanilla blend perfectly with the delicate characteristics of bergamot’s floral citrus, a nostalgic homage to southern Italy.

Dark chocolate + cocoa extract + bergamot essence

Brûlèe 66% This Venezuelan dark chocolate, with strong characteristics of cognac and vanilla, invite sea salt and caramel powder for balance, texture and taste.

Dark chocolate + cocoa extract + caramelized sugar + sea salt

GOLD 70% This rich dark chocolate from Ecuador engages the senses with deep, velvety characteristics of blackberry jam and smoke; unveils one pave enrobed in luxurious edible 24 Karat gold leaf, symbolizing fortune and luck.

Dark chocolate + cocoa extract + 24K gold

Honey 70% This dark chocolate from Dominican Republic is exotic and complex. The addition of wildflower honey softly permeates the entire chocolate and accentuates its’ natural bouquet of bergamot citrus, cinnamon and clove.

Dark chocolate + cocoa extract + honey

Rose 70% The natural characteristics of cara cara orange and honeysuckle in this dark chocolate from Congo lend itself perfectly to the subtle essence of Turkish rose.

Dark chocolate + cocoa extract + rose essence

Experience {cocoa} consciously approaches chocolate creation, searching out the best of the best in every step of the process. From the cocoa bean’s origin, to the chocolate’s aroma, appearance, taste and blending process, we are unwavering in our pursuit of perfection.

{cocoa} honors the natural essence of the whole bean through the fresh vision of a powerful original.

Pure Origin {cocoa}’s hand crafted chocolate is made using rare, pure origin vintages and unique blends that lend us our coveted characteristics for individuality and refinement. We go beyond sustainable, fair trade cocoa beans and collaborate with small chocolate producers that source rare and even wild cocoa bean vintages, giving us the opportunity to create something exclusive and unique. We consider the cocoa bean’s origins - the neighboring plants that impact the beans, the people responsible for and the practices used in growing and harvesting, and the developmental techniques in the manufacturing facility - to insure the freshest and most vibrant product available.

Process {cocoa} then lets the chocolate speak, sharing its subtle flavor nuances. Using specific blending techniques, we bring the natural properties alive by enhancing their distinctive flavors to create refined original chocolates. Each collection holds a unique sensory experience and personal interpretation of captured moments in time.

Aroma Subtle or bold, {cocoa} insures that the aroma engages instantly and prepares the palate to fully appreciate the complexities of the chocolate. In addition, smelling chocolate releases dopamine, which makes you feel happy, and endorphins, which act as natural stress relievers.

Appearance {cocoa}’s chocolate looks shiny to the eye, is firm to the touch and has a snap when broken. These ensure that the cocoa butter and cocoa mass have been emulsified perfectly, perfecting the smooth and consistent velvety texture we desire.

Texture & Taste When you place a {cocoa} pave on your tongue, the chocolate warms and the top notes tempt the nose and engage you instantly. As the chocolate melts it becomes rich and velvety as the middle notes reveal themselves. The finish leaves a lasting imprint of flavor lingering on the pallet.

Jewel Zimmer

{cocoa} founder, Jewel Zimmer, is a purist; a trusted curator, carefully crafting rare chocolates to reveal new innovations for her San Francisco-based boutique chocolate company. With {cocoa}, Jewel elevates the art of artisan chocolate, creating esthetically beautiful collections that balance fine craftsmanship and pure ingredients. Her integrity, originality and eye for fine design have combined to deliver the most innovative, conscious chocolate collections available.

Growing up in her father’s artisan bakery, Jewel was inspired by his dedication to craft and classical baking practices. She was exposed early to the technique and passion of greats such as Paris’ Poilane, the world’s most famous bread maker, inspiring her inevitable career as a pastry chef. After graduating top of her class at Le Cordon Bleu, Jewel studied with Chef Eric Ziebold where she learned the art of process and the value pursuit has on the finished product. To further develop her skills, Jewel moved to San Francisco, epicenter of artisanal food innovations.

Jewel travels extensively, inspired by cities like London, Montreal and Barcelona, which capture the ideal blend of classic design, modern advances and superior craftsmanship that she infuses in {cocoa}. She continues to work with masters from around the world, seeking inspiration and fresh approaches to enhance her craft, and was even honored with baking two of Julia Child’s birthday cakes.

Jewel recognizes excellence and expects it of herself - whether ensuring all environments (including her home) are a strict 65 degrees, optimum for {cocoa}’s comfort; traveling to a remote, clandestine enclave for the ‘only’ hazelnuts she’ll consider; or housing over 20 varieties of sea salt to insure the ideal match. Jewel’s unwavering drive in pursuit of perfection is {cocoa}’s secret ingredient.

Jewel is a collector of experiences, curated with precision and care, they have become the foundation and the inspiration for all that is {cocoa}.