cellulite free for the summer!


Get ready for the summer with a smooth, defined silhouette.  Freshly imported from France, manual lipomassage is a body treatment that eliminates stubborn fat that is resistant to physical exercise and dieting, aka "saddlebag thighs," "banana bulges." Fat deposits riddled with cellulite dimples are dissolved, while the blood and lymphatic circulations are being revitalized.

Each 35 minute session is tailored to your preferred body contours, and includes a dry brush stimulation of the tissues, a deep manual lipomassage, and an anti-cellulite serum.  Series of 6 sessions, two per week, is recommended for optimal results.

Special Introductory prices (valid through August 1, 2014)

  • Series of 6 for  $306.00 (reg. $360)
  • Series of 12 for  $612.00 (reg. $720)

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