autumnal equinox pop-up brunch

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Come celebrate our one year anniversary as a team, with an epicurean feast on Sunday, September 21st, crafted by Malik Francis, high-end chef "alchemist," and Susanne Capello, founder and creative of Chantal Events. The duo will be metamorphosing Ensoma to share a unique and memorable culinary experience. Lillian Madden, our effervescent cocktail expert, will be serving infused mimosas with fresh juices.  Artwork by Charles Papillo.  Hosted by Marion Pernoux, proprietress, Ensoma Skincare & Gallery.

As our special guest, you will receive a gift bag containing a $25 voucher good for any service, 15% coupon from Chantal Events, various skin care goodies, and Cocoa Absolute Chocolate!

The menu, a compelling tease for your taste buds:

Pancakes Pistachio, Peach, Honey

Summer Scramble Summer Squash, Chorizo, Basil, Rosemary, Avocado

 Poached Eggs Bone Marrow, Tomato, Fennel

Brunch Salad Albacore, Red Pepper, Pear, Quinoa, Arugula

Seasonal Fruit

* We can accommodate all food allergies: please notify us in advance of any food allergies you might have.


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Sunday, September 21 11:00 am - 2:00 pm Ensoma352 6th St.San Francisco, CA 94103 415.867.6002



Malik Francis, Chef Cooking is a deeply personal passion. Like most passions it is a mixture of love, intimacy, sacrifice, and dedication. I became a professional cook shortly before completing my PhD thesis in Biochemistry and Molecular biology at UC Berkeley. Cooking has previously been a creative outlet to counterbalance the daily grind and stress of graduate school. My experiences as a scientist have shaped my perspective on food. In that I do not strictly adhere to dogma, as I seek to challenge assumptions. I have been fortunate to have worked in some of the best kitchens in San Francisco (Spruce, Beast and the Hare, Ragazza, and Benu), and my experiences have taught me to let star ingredient be the star using both modern and classic techniques.

Susanne Capello, Chantal Events Chantal Events specializes in creating experiences from weddings, celebrations, corporate events and parties being planned for no particular occasion at all. It is a one stop shop for all your planning, design and production. Founder, owner and creative Susanne Capello was born and raised on the exotic island Curaçao and lived in Holland for 8 years. Her designs are inspired by culinary arts, fashion and her travel experiences. Creatively repurposing materials with an eye on high quality, as well as creating custom décor pieces for your event is highly valued by Chantal Events. Susanne's goal is to create unique and imaginative experiences for all her clients.

Lillian Madden, Cocktail Expert A native darling of the Bay Area, Lillian inherited fine gourmet qualities from her father, to fulfill the purpose to deliver inside-and-out beauty rituals, with some of the most inspired juicing recipes. Top it with her natural effervescent disposition: santé! Lili will be serving seasonal infused mimosas and bloody marys.

Charles Papillo, Artist My work can be viewed as a form of open-ended storytelling that utilizes visual art as a means to convey subjective narratives.The body of work functions as an eclectic collection of thoughts through imagery and object, and the place where the two meet. Through questioning the purpose, function, or narrative of an individual piece, the viewer will recognize various historical, cross-cultural and understandably personal influence. My work is predominantly about compromise.  Taking objects and people out of a particular context yields a new and sometimes ambiguous identity. Through taking these things out of “where they belong,” I attempt to create a new context from which the entire situation can be viewed, examined and interpreted.  My work focuses on themes of identity and categorization through this attempt, with the intention of connectivity. Within my work, I continue to gain inspiration from iconic and religious imagery, archetype and stereotype, ritual and ceremony, reality and surreality, and balance.

Marion Pernoux, Ensoma Skincare & Gallery A one-on-one privileged rendez-vous at Ensoma is an invitation to surrender to mothering hands, to embrace a touching moment of serendipity, while you are feasting horizontally on exquisite skincare potions.       Plénitude is her raison d`être, when it comes to servicing You. An artisan of the body & soul, Marion Pernoux crafts refined treatments to restore this sense of fulfillment, enfolding your being to receive efficient & nurturing care. You`ll leave refreshed inside-and-out. The glowing results radiate from within. Let`s make the world a better place: be environmental, be good to yourself.