À la mode américaine.

An improvised translation of a poem by René Char, hopefully not compromising its verve: Impose ta chance Impose your fortune

Serre ton bonheur Tightly embrace your happiness

Et va vers ton risque And go towards your risk

À te regarder While observing you

Ils s'habitueront They'll get used to it

...Celebrating 13 years in the Nouveau Monde this week! I arrived in California on Thanksgiving, in 1999. Back home, there is a saying: "In the United States of America, anything can happen, and everything is possible". Freshly arrived in the far, Far West and adjusting while slightly culture shocked, I quickly figured that fundamentally, here, it is really all up to me. I am profoundly grateful for this transplantation, while my roots reach deep, the potential to become who you are in this Bay Area is manifestly tangible, beyond one's origins.