December, is it? About time to give ya’ll a sign. Fresh news about Ensoma: More Services, it’s now Me + Rahnie, Holidays Specials, Artwork, etc.

Body Polishing, a new ritual at Ensoma

Time to shed your skin, let go of the layers of accumulated debris, epidermal dead cells, and alike superficial junk. This invigorating treatment stimulates the lymphatic and circulatory system, and is completed with the massage of a silky smooth warm body butter into your skin to leave it satin soft.

Pair it with either your hair removal services for optimal waxing benefits { select the existing packages online }, or with your seasonal massage session to embrace a full ritualistic experience { as an add-on }.

Practice self-care. Indulge in rituals. Embody your self!


full body $80.00

full legs $45.00

back / chest+abdomen $45.00

feet $20.00

half legs+knees exfoliation + waxing $70.00

full legs exfoliation + waxing $120.00

half arms exfoliation + waxing $50.00

full arms exfoliation + waxing $70.00

back / chest+abdomen exfoliation + waxing $75.00


Gift Certificates & Holidays Specials

Share your beauty rendez-vous with your loved ones, treat them to a visit at Ensoma!

Ongoing Specials through January 31st 2013:

Full Body Exfoliation + 60 Minute Massage $120.00

Back Exfoliation + 40 Minute Target Spot Massage $70.00

40 Minute Facial + Feet Exfoliation + Foot Reflexology $95.00

Gift Certificates

They will be mailed to you, or you may book a “Gift Certificate Pickup” online.

Email / Call / Text Marion: (415) 867-6002

with the following details:

  • Recipient’s full name
  • Address to have the voucher mailed to
  • Service, or dollar amount gifted
  • Personal note to add to the voucher

Note: Gift Certificates purchase can be processed by credit card transaction, cash or check.

Meet Rahnie, we make a pair.

After four years of freelancing as a makeup artist in New York City, she returned to San Francisco in 2009. She is delighted to be back to her roots in the Bay Area and back to her passion for skin care. Rahnie’s presence is focused, with that sharpened mind from an East Coast adoptee, she developed her own approach to caring for people, with an incredible attentiveness.

I feel so privileged to have Rahnie express her unique talents at Ensoma.

She will provide you with excellent service in Skin Care Analysis, Products Recommendation, Waxing, Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting, Body Care.

When: on Tuesdays & Saturdays, 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m., starting this month!

Special Introduction Upgrades: we want to set you up with Rahnie with some appealing promotions, and it’s on the house, through January 31st 2013.

Complimentary Exfoliation with any Body Waxing:

Half Legs Exfoliation & Waxing   $50.00

Full Legs Exfoliation & Waxing $85.00

Back Exfoliation & Waxing   $55.00

Chest & Abdomen Exfoliation & Waxing   $55.00

Half Arms Exfoliation & Waxing   $35.00

Full Arms Exfoliation & Waxing   $50.00

Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting with Complimentary Brow & Lip Waxing   $50.00

Art Installation: Aerial Aether by Charles Papillo

It has been floating above us at Ensoma, four wooden axes, acting as vectors, illustrating the four elements, up in the air, to complete the quintessential five senses of our empirical world. This steady organic mobile echoes the existing work exhibited on the wall, both pieces executed by a singular artist, Charles Papillo, a tribal dandy whose sensibility brings you back to legends, pagan tales, promising children imaginary. Unpredictably, those balanced arrows aim for the center of the mural circle. While we’re after your skin.

About the artist: Charles Papillo’s website is an excursion: please explore his versatile work. It’s like a massage for the soul.

Waiting List

This feature is back on the online booking system. To take advantage of this service, please be sure to complete the necessary informations as you sign up, such as: preferred dates and times, and your best contact phone number. It is appreciated that you avoid leaving additional emails / voicemails, as the Waiting List already fully serves its purpose. Also, we will be sure to respond to your inquiry, however only in the eventuality of an accommodating opening. The Waiting List is consulted several times daily to accommodate you.

At the beginning of each week, if you are waiting for a last minute appointment, you will receive an email listing the current availability -as the schedule varies in open time slots.

Wishing everyone a somewhat hibernating, introspective season, while extending yourself towards full-on festivities. Reserve some selfish time for restorative pauses...

Feeling profoundly grateful for this unique practice, within a space hosting private sessions, where we all have the opportunity to just be. These therapeutic treatments go full circle: I grow from sharing with each of You.