Shamanic Rendez-Vous 03/30 RSVP soon...

"BRIDGING NEW BEGINNINGS" marks the return of Mamerto Tindongan ("Lagitan") and Nati Delson (Abundant LifeSpring) to Northern California from March 5th through April 23rd, through various workshops, community events, and at Ensoma for private sessions:

WEDNESDAY March 30th 11:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m,


RSVP contact Nati Delson to request a time 847.721.7119

1 hour, $60.00

A private session with Mamerto & Nati offers a holistic approach to healing, Integrating multi-dimensional therapies via energy work, chakras attunement, engaging spirituality, this offering is a unique opportunity to deepen awareness and welcome clarity.

Continuing to heed the call for healing ancestral wounds and family dynamics, "Bridging New Beginnings" intends to help clear the way for individuals to live their purpose, release old traumas in order to more fully embody our true self. In workshops, we'll learn indigenous perspectives, open intuitive channels, and connect mind/body/spirit with more awareness.

For the extensive schedule of events please consult the FB EVENT PAGE and share with your community!


Natividad Delson founded Abundant Lifespring - Integrative Wholistic Facilitator & Educator, multi-dimensional therapist, integrating energy work, bodywork, and psycho-somatic therapy.



Mamerto Tindongan was born in Banaue, Ifugao, Philippines on April 8, 1958. Currently resides with his family in Ohio. Mamerto is a healer, a sculptor, Thai Chi & Gigong master, fervent conservationist and naturalist. Interest in metaphysics and energy healing lead him to the Kolaimni healing modality, which he now uses to help those who seek balance.