Autumn DIY beauty rituals: create a practice of self care at home

Go inwards, find your inner space and suddenly you will find an explosion of light, of beauty, and ecstasy.
— Osho
Autumn is a transitional season, unfolding with the invitation to listen deeper to our more essential needs: the decreasing daylight and cooler, damp weather call for cosy, homey rites, as well as introspective pauses. 
Some of the most profoundly life changing practices lie in the simplicity and consistency of every day commitment to self nourishment. Below are some suggestions to support your whole self, focusing on going inwards, warming up your soul, while detoxifying and invigorating your body.


For optimal benefits, scrub your body prior to soaking. Mix 1 cup epsom salt + baking soda + ground ginger + essential oils {lavender, thyme, tea tree}, light a candle, and melt away tension. After bathing, seal the goodness within by lathering your skin with an organic coconut oil.


While dead cells and dehydration provoke dullness and tightness on the surface, focus on smoothing your face with a weekly gentle gommage to ensure proper absorption of your skin potions. Incorporate vitamins in the form of serums {more potent and penetrating}, B5 is a powerful humectant, C a great allie to fight free radicals, and E acts as a protective emollient. Switch to a thicker, nutrient-rich moisturizer to replenishing your epidermis during the cold & windy seasons.

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Detox, hydrate, and spice it up: infusion of fresh thyme, ginger, and lemon, and spices such as cayenne pepper, licorice root, turmeric, cinnamon, will keep your immune system resilient during cold and flu season. This will also reinforce your blood circulation, and support your lymphatic system, which detoxifies your body. Every morning, on an empty stomach, drink a freshly squeezed shot of lemon juice to rinse your liver from toxins, and improve your digestion. Oh and pop some omega and vitamin D supplements, while you're at it.


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At last, bundle up, and go on a hike!

At last, bundle up, and go on a hike!